I never know what to say on these pages but I thought I would share with you some info that will help you  understand who I am as a person and it's a quick way to get to know me. I also thought I would provide a brief description on my blog, so you can get the vibe of what my blog is about. 

My full name is Tabitha Courtney Beckett and I'm 21 years old from Essex. However, during the university term timetable I live in Chester, studying Animal Behaviour/Conservation Biology at the University of Chester. As you can probably tell by the subject I'm studying, I adore animals and the environment dearly, and I love taking photos of animals too (I hope to one day go into animal photography).

In my spare time I love to read. I find reading a great way to escape and calm the mind (especially before bed) and I also just love getting lost in different worlds that authors create, it's just so peaceful. I'm also a big Sims 4 fan and so you can sometimes find me playing on that for hours, or you can sometimes find me sitting down sorting through a puzzle.

My other interests include Disney, fashion, makeup, DIY, scouting, volley ball, films and music.

What Tabitha Loves is a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, Disney and book blog. You will be able to find posts on all of these categories. What Tabitha Loves was created on November 2015 and has evolved immensely. Posts are published at least twice a week (roughly around the start of the week and the end of the week). All views and opinions seen on What Tabitha Loves are my (Tabitha) own opinions.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

T xx

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