Wishlist #2

This month is a 'Wishlist' month and I'm so excited to show you what I'm wishing for this month or more fittingly I should say this Christmas! This is basically what I'm hoping for this Christmas and I do hope I see a few of these items underneath my Christmas tree! I do hope you are enjoying the alternative 'Wishlist' and 'Favourites' posts, I'm definitely liking the routine of them being alternatively, it's definitely making organising my posts a bit easier and more varied too! Please let me know if you like the idea down below in the comments! Anyway, on to this months wishlist! There's definitely a theme to what I would love this Christmas!

I really want to get into scrap booking in the new year. I love taking photos and printing them and instead of them just being chucked into photo album I think it would be lovely to put them in a scrapbook, making the pictures look real pretty and a great way of sharing special memories. So I'm going to ask for some scrap book items to start my scrap booking journey! 

I love doing my eye shadow and so I really want some new brushes so I can experiement more with my eye shadow designs! I only have two at the moment and so it would be nice to have a few more to choose from, that and I LOVE spectrum brushes! 

I love Goofy, he is by far my favourite character out of the big 5! I'm determined to start collecting Goofy merchandise purely because I love him so much and finding stuff dedicated to him can be quite difficult so by creating a collection it would make me so incredibly happy! This watercolour paining of Max (goofy's son!) by Sweet Allure is gorgeous and would fit right in with my Goofy collection! 

In the theme of scrap booking, I would love some washi tape as I think washi tape is such a great way to decorate and easy way to decorate a scrap book! These washi tapes look super cool and pretty too! However, any washi tape under the Christmas tree would make me happy! 

Another item I want to add to my Goofy collection is this beautiful plush! I can just imagine how adorable he will look on my bed, so I do hope I get this for Christmas to start off my Goofy collection! It would also be great if it was personalised *hint hint* Santa! 

I'm looking for a new scent and I know this particular scent is quite pricey however it smells so good and I just love it. I would be a very happy and lucky girl if this is under the Christmas tree! 

So that's all the items I would love to see under the Christmas tree (especially the Goofy items!). I can't honestly believe it's Christmas in less than a month now, I still haven't bought my Christmas presents, I've just been so disorganised! Although I am excited for the big day to arrive, I just can't wait to spend my first Christmas day with Matt! 

What do you think of my wishlist? 
What's on your wishlist this month? 

Ta ta for now, 
Tabitha x

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  1. That brush set looks stunning!! Great taste!

  2. Scrap booking would be so much fun! Such a great way to make albums for holidays etc.

  3. Ooh I hope you receive lots of these lovely things in your stocking! Goofy is such a charming character, I can understand why he's your favourite! I have such a big soft spot for plushies, I KNOW I'm probably too old but I just don't care hehe!

    Abbey 💕 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


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