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How is everyone!? I can't remember when I last sat down and wrote a post. I have been so busy with being in Spain and travelling home to see Matt on his birthday. Today I'm bringing to you another Disney post - I'm so sorry if you are sick and tired seeing Disney post's but I'm just loving them at the moment! 

I have recently started my pin collection back up again and I'm real happy I have decided to do this again. When I was in Disney World last I was just hooked when it came to looking at all the pins they had to offer. There are some stunning pins out there and I also just love the community that is the Pin Trading community. I thought in today's post I would share with you my original collection as well as adding a recent pin haul - I have picked up SO many recently... opps! 
Mickey Mouse Pin - I picked this pin up shortly after I met Sorcerer Mickey! I love this pin as Mickey just looks super adorable and look's like he's welcoming you in with a warm hug. 
Baymax & Hiro Pins - Big Hero 6 is one of my favourite films and I was determined to find the perfect Baymax pin. I love this pin as it's a perfect character pin! The plus side also is that it came with a cute Hiro pin too! 
Stitch Pin - This little pin was the first pin I picked up when I bought my lanyard and I just love Stitch's look in this pin! Olaf also loved this pin when he looked at my pins! 
Jiminy Cricket & Stitch Animal Kingdom Mystery Box Pins - These two pins are from a mystery box set from Animal Kingdom and I'm so happy I picked them up. I really want to complete the set due to studying conservation biology and so hopefully I will be able to pick a few more up during my Disney holiday this summer. 
Belle and the Beast Heart Pin - This pin is just gorgeous and just like the Animal Kingdom pins I really want to collect the other pins in this set too as I just think they are stunning. 
Perdita Pin - I picked this sweet pin up in a mini mystery packet and isn't she a cutie? 
The Beast & Lumiere Mystery Box Pins - I bagged these pins in a Beauty and The Beast mystery box set though I don't think I'll try and collect these pins as I have other pins on my radar I want to collect more. 
So far these are the pins I have, though recently like I said before I have started up my collection again and I have been purchasing a few pins here and there. I have decided that I want to create four different main collections, those being: Goofy, Princess Jasmine (Aladdin), Moana and Mickey Memories. I have already picked up at few and so I thought I'd include them in this post too! 
I really do love collecting my pins and I can't wait to wear them in the Disney parks this summer as well as collect some new gorgeous pins whilst I'm there too. I know this post may not have been that interesting to some people but I just love sharing my collection as I'm really proud of it and it's slowly growing too! I would love to know if you collect Disney pins or anything for that matter! Let me know if you collect something too! 

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Our Disney World Dining Plan's so Far

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As you all know Matt and I are heading to Disney World this June and both of us just can't wait. As we are lucky enough to be staying on site, we have bagged ourselves the Disney Dining Package which provides us with 1 quick service meal, 1 sit down meal and 2 snacks a day. It acts like an all inclusive holiday where your meals are sorted throughout the whole holiday. However, instead of just having dinner from one cafeteria, you can use your credits at any of the restaurants/quick service within the parks and at Disney Springs. Matt and I believe that this package (even though it's a little pricey) is such a great deal, as you don't have to worry about where your eating and it allows you to relax when it comes to going to restaurants and you only have to worry about paying the tip at the end of your meal. 

Another great thing about staying on site and having the dining package is that you can start booking your dining reservations 180 days before your holiday! Which is something Matt and I have taken advantage of as there are many restaurants that definitely need an early reservation due to how popular they are! I thought it would be fun to share with you all the restaurants that we have made a booking for and are excited to visit this coming June on our holiday! 

Chef Mickey's
We haven't been to Chef Mickey's before but it's a restaurant that I can't wait to visit. It's a character dining experience as well as a buffet and I have booked it for our first evening in Florida. I thought it would be a lovely restaurant to go to on our first night as not only is it a relaxed buffet but you can also meet the fab five in their catering gear. My idea of a great first evening at the most magical place on earth. Honestly, I just can't wait to see my no. 1 guy Goof! 

Be Our Guest
Matt and I visited this restaurant twice in our last trip once for breakfast and once for dinner. Overall, we loved going for breakfast the most and so we have booked it again for breakfast for our first morning in Florida! This is what we did last time and it was just magical as we were able to get in to the park before normal opening times and were able to witness the castle for the first time without the huge crowds there normally is. The food at breakfast too was real yummy, not only do you get a main but you also get a platter of pastries along side your main meal! 
The Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen
This is another restaurant Matt and I haven't been to before and we wanted to go to a different restaurant we went to for dinner on our first day at Magic Kingdom on our last holiday as we didn't love it as much as we thought. So I can't wait to try this restaurant out for dinner and some people say that this is one of the best restaurants on site! Looking at the menu just makes my mouth water, I have no idea what I'm going to pick for dinner on the day! 

Spice Road Table
During our last trip we visited the Spice Road Table in the Moroccan Pavilion in Epcot and we were pleasantly pleased. I remember having the lamb burgers and they were just SO yummy, they also came with humus chips, which I have never had before but they also were yummy! We also loved where we sat. We sat outside under a gazebo by the lake in Epcot and it was just a beautiful evening. We can't wait to go back and we hope we get the same beautiful seats we had last time. 
Matt's cousin raved about this restaurant when he went to the Disney World a few years ago and unfortunately we were unable to bag a table booking as we didn't book in advance. This year however I have already booked us a table and I'm really intrigued by the restaurant! It's very similar to Rainforest Cafe but instead of your normal animals it's full of dinosaurs! The food is your classic american style but I must say the cocktails on the menu sound delicious! 

Teppan Edo
This restaurant is a styled restaurant that I have wanted to go to for so long. This is a Japanese cuisine where the chef cooks all your food right in front of you. They just look so cool as well as really fun and I can't wait to experience this dining experience. We are also going on my birthday which will be lovely and I have deliberately booked it early so that we can "drink around the world" after our meal in celebration of my 22nd birthday! 

Coral Reef Restaurant
I love this restaurant in Epcot. It's gorgeous and the food is gorgeous too! When dining in this restaurant you are treated to the wonderful view that is an aquarium! Yep that's right, this restaurant contains a huge aquarium. I have never been in to a restaurant that has an aquarium like this in their venue. Not only is it do pretty and peaceful, but the food is so yummy (although you do feel a bit guilty when eating your fish dish next to an aquarium that is full of fish...). 
Spirit of Aloha
I am so excited to be putting this on our itinerary! If you didn't know, Disney World also provide dinner shows, where you eat your meal whilst watching a show! This specific one is all based on the Polynesian culture and if you know me, you know that I just adore the Polynesian culture and also know that one day I would love to live there for a part of my life! So as you can see, I am very excited and I just can't wait to watch the show and eat the yummy food! 

There are a few more restaurants that I have just got to give an honourable mention as although we haven't booked them yet, we are definitely going to visiting at some point over the two weeks of us being at Disney! Those restaurants being: Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano, Tuska House Restaurant, Nine Dragons Restaurant and Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria! I honestly can't wait to get Disney just for the food as they offer so many amazing cuisines and yummy food! 

Thanks for reading, 

Aloha, Tabitha πŸ’ƒπŸ»

My Travel Bucket List

Aloha dolls 🌺

Firstly, let's just apologise for the lack of interaction on my twitter profile. I'm currently in Spain with university and where we are, there is a lack of WiFi and to be honest, I'm just enjoying the Spain sun as well as focusing on my assignment. However, seeing as I'm in Spain and I'm also going to Egypt & Florida this year, it has got me thinking about my travel bucket list and the countries/areas I would love to visit one day soon. It's quite a lengthy list but they are all places I hope to explore one day in the future. Matt and I have plans already to visit some in the next 2 years, which is incredibly exciting and I'm sure I will fill you all in when those trips are planned! Anyway, on we go with the bucket list... 
πŸŒ… New Zealand
πŸŒ„ Hawaii Islands  
πŸŒ… Norway
πŸŒ„ Iceland
πŸŒ… Indonesia 
πŸŒ… India
πŸŒ„ Paris
πŸŒ… Canada
πŸŒ„ America - Texas, Mississippi, New Orleans, Boston, New York, California and Massachusetts (Salem to be exact). 
πŸŒ… Australia 
πŸŒ„ Italy 
πŸŒ… Caribbean Islands 
πŸŒ„ Jamaica 
πŸŒ… Morocco 
πŸŒ„ Mauritius 
πŸŒ… China 
πŸŒ„ Thailand 
πŸŒ… Greece 
πŸŒ„ Africa 
πŸŒ… Scotland/Edinburgh 
πŸŒ„ Ireland 
πŸŒ… Antarctica 
πŸŒ„ Mexico 
πŸŒ… Madagascar 
πŸŒ„ The Philippines 
As I stated there are a lot of destinations on this list and it's always growing! I'm hoping that one day in the future I can look back and say I visited some if not all the destinations I have stated in this post! I'm also hoping that one day my future job will allow me to travel around seeing as I'm aiming to work in conservation! Wish me luck that I reach my goal job one day! 

Thanks for reading, 

Aloha, Tabitha πŸ’ƒπŸ» 
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