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Book Reviews With Tabitha #1
Good morning all! I hope you are all well. I have a full day at work, which to be honest I'm gutted about as Matt's family is meeting up for a big family meal and it sucks that I can't be there! Today, I'm going to be sharing with you my thoughts and opinions on a book I have recently read. This is my first book review I have written in a while so sorry if it's not the best but hopefully over time my reviews will become a little more in depth. However, I'm really excited to share with you my opinions on this book so let's begin! 

Well, firstly, what a book! I have been in a reading slump for quite a while but this book definitely got me out of that! It was so good, I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to continue on with the trilogy. This story follows a general's daughter in an empire that conquers in war and enslaves who they conquer. This young girl is called Kestrel and she has a choice to make, get married or join the army. Kestrel however doesn't want to do either but play music. One day she accidentally stumbles across a slave auction and she ends up buying a slave and this slave changes everything. However Arin (the slave) has other plans. 

Kestrel and Arin at first are very cold with one another however as the story goes along you witness them warming to one another. I absolutely love the friendship between Kestrel and Arin as even though you can clearly tell that they both care for one another, there is an underlining tension which just makes their relationship so real and believable when considering their circumstances. I also loved the whole slave and master love trope as it creates a kind of danger and uneasiness to the relationship. Marie Rutkoski did a fantastic job with this trope as she made it quite subtle and didn't make the relationship seem really unrealistic. I can't wait to see where Kestrel's and Arin's relationship goes in the nest two books. I am definitely a shipper of this pair!
This book wasn't heavily filled with world building however I didn't mind that. It had enough for me to be able to visualise the setting. Sometimes I really don't like overly detailed settings as it can be a little boring and I can occasionally loose interest. What I especially loved was seeing Herran through Arin's eyes as he once lived their freely, so I enjoyed seeing his views throughout the book, especially when they visited different buildings and areas of Herran. It gave the book an even more emotional feel to it, as you feel sad that Arin lost his home. This conflicts with your feelings towards Kestrel though, as she's such a bright character but her people our the ones who stole away Arin's home. It definitely gave the book more depth as you were dealing with two different characters but love them equally.
Overall, I absolutely loved reading this story and I can't wait to pick up 'The Winners Crime' to see where Arin and Kestrels story goes. I hope it ends happy but somehow I have a feeling that it won't be so cheery! But lets keep our fingers crossed! Have you read 'The Winners Curse'?

I'm not sure if I will review the second or third book like I did with this one as I think I would struggle to not give any spoilers away! However, I will let you know my brief thoughts on them in future wrap ups, which I hope you will enjoy equally! 

I have really enjoyed writing this review. Hopefully over time my ability to review books will improve and I can't wait to review more books. I have started to annotate my books so hopefully my reviews will become more in depth and I will be able to share with you my favourite quotes and moments more often! 

Until next time, Tabitha ☕️📖🎠 

Starting a Fresh 💗

Welcome back! I know it's been a while but I have finally sat down and sorted my life out(ish). To be honest, I needed that break as I just wasn't in the right head space at all. I have had some time to think and reevaluate what I want from my blog, and I finally feel happy enough to sit down and start blogging again. Now that I'm back, I'm so excited to get back on it, in regards to writing posts and sharing content. I also can't wait to rekindle and make new blogging friends as I really do miss this part of my life.

Firstly, I have decided to go back to my roots and make this blog primarily a book blog. When I first started my blog I wrote reviews and shared my monthly wrap-ups and TBRs and I miss that terribly. I think it's probably because I LOVE reading and so I want to focus on that more. I will occasionally post the odd life or Disney post as I love that side of blogging as well, I just want to focus on reading as that's what I've been doing a lot recently and I want to share my love of books once again.

I'm also going to take a more relaxed approach and not stress myself out about getting my posts up on a certain day. I may post once a week or twice but that all depends on my mood and creativity. I just want blogging to be fun again and not something I stress about. If I somehow fall in to a pattern then great but if I don't it won't be the end of the world.
I'm so excited to start writing new posts for you all to read and I do hope you don't mind my little changes to my blog. I have already got one post almost ready so keep an eye on my twitter, instagram or bloglovin' for that!

Please leave a comment down below if you're as excited as I am and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on my new blog ideas! All the support would be great!

Until next time, Tabitha ☕️📖🎠

My New Holy Grail Eye Brow Products | Beauty Review #4

Morning everyone! I hope you are feeling wonderful this morning! I know I am as today is PACKING DAY! Tomorrow evening after Matt and I have finished work we are off to Gatwick to check into the hotel ready for our flight on Wednesday morning. I am so excited, it's an understatement!

I'm coming to you with another beauty review post and I hope you all enjoy it. A couple of weeks back I wondered into Debenhams looking for the perfect brow product. Obviously, I walked straight up to the Benefit stand as we all know that they are known for their #1 brow products and I'm so pleased I decided to visit them. I was served by the lovely Adele and she looked after me very well and hooked me up with some brilliant brow products.

Adele used this product first to initially fill my brows in and oh my it really is goof proof as it's so easy to use and only a little bit of product is needed as it goes such a long way. I love using this as it's fast and you can make your brow look pretty defined and precise with just this pencil. 

Before having my consultation with Benefit, I used to use an eyebrow powder for my eyebrows religiously as I thought that it made my eyebrows look most natural and I found it the easiest to use out of the other products brands had to offer. Adele used the brow powder to further define my eyebrows by using the two different shades in the palette. It just made my eyebrows look more defined than they did before with just the Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil.

After the eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder was applied, Adele used the Gimme Brow to my eyebrows pop just a little more. Gimme Brow tints your eyebrows as well as sets your eyebrows which I love as it means I can make my eyebrows stay in the shape I want them to be in. 

Finally, to really make my eyebrows stand out (in a good way), Adele used the Boi-ing concealer under my eyebrows to define my eyebrows and make my brow bone pop out too (like a highlighter).
Honestly, I love these products and though they are pricey they last and they really do make your eyebrows look FABULOUS. What's also great about the three eyebrow products is that you can use them individually so if you're in a rush in the morning you can just slap on some Gimme Brow and your set to go! I guess the only downside to these products are the price, they are not cheap but they do last. So I guess it's up to you if you want to spend a little extra money but I really do love these products and I don't think I'll look back! 

Until Next Time,
Tabitha xx 

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