What I’ve Been Reading Recently

Aloha everybody! How is everyone doing today? Sorry I haven’t been very active but I’m currently in DISNEY WORLD! However today I’m bringing to you a ‘what I’ve been reading’ post! I haven’t read too much recently but what I have read, have been pretty great! So let’s get on with this little update post...

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher - 5 Stars 

I’m a new growing fan of Star Wars. I really enjoyed the new film (The Force Awakens) so when I saw that Carrie Fisher had written a book about her time in the first 3 films and about her affaire with Harrison Ford - which intrigued me! Honestly even if you don’t like or are not the biggest fan of the films this book is an eye opener! It shows the struggles of being a young girl in show business as well as the joys! This book also feels more personal to Carrie due to her putting snippets of her own diaries from the years of filming in to the book too. You can really analyses what she was feeling and it was just so breath taking. Carrie Fisher was a brilliant women who unfortunately got influenced by the badder side to show business in her early days. I adore this women and it pains me knowing that she is no longer with us! I push you to read this book if you love Star Wars or just show business. 

I See You by Clare Mackintosh - 4 Stars 

I struggle to get into crime/mystery/thriller books but I See You hooked me from the very first chapter! If you’re a commuter in London then maybe this isn’t for you or maybe it is as it will give you more of a scare (potentially). I See You is about a women called Zoe who finds herself in a newspaper ad and the notices that bad/unpleasant things are happening to the girls that have also been shown in the ads. This puts Zoe on edge and no one believes her yet she knows that someone is watching her. You also follow Kelly, a police officer who ends up helping on this case and it’s really interesting to watch her struggles. I honestly loved this book as it kept you on your toes throughout the book. I love how Mackintosh twisted the idea of being stalked on the tube to a whole new level. If you love crime/mystery/thriller books and you haven’t read this one then you need to! I can’t wait to read her other books. 

No Sad Songs by Frank Morelli (4 Stars) 

The lovely Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours sent me over Frank Morelli’s latest book to review for her book tour! Honestly I was a little skeptical at first but I thourghly enjoyed this read! Morelli did a wonderful job of making this book fun yet the themes were so upsetting and hard. The way it was written was also beautiful as Morelli did brilliantly portraying what life is like for a teenage carer! I’ve not been a carer so this journey was really eye opening and it made you think about all the young carer’s our there and what amazing job they are doing. It’s so heartwarming knowing that Gabs (the protagonist of this book) struggles but always stays loyal to his grandfather as he loves him so much as well as him not wanting to break his fathers promise. I also love looking into Gabes life at school, showing a different angle to a young carer’s life! I did not read this book dried eyes as it’s just so powerful and beautiful. I honestly love this book as it gives so much awareness to young carer’s and I recommend anyone to read this as it fits into so many categories! Thank you Jenny for letting me read this book as I now can’t wait to read more of Morelli’s work! 

I hope you enjoyed this small little post! I do really love writing these posts I just haven’t read a lot recently but I plan on trying to read a little more over the summer so hopefully we shall see more of these posts! 

Until next time, 

Tabitha x 

My New Holy Grail Eye Brow Products | Beauty Review #4

Morning everyone! I hope you are feeling wonderful this morning! I know I am as today is PACKING DAY! Tomorrow evening after Matt and I have finished work we are off to Gatwick to check into the hotel ready for our flight on Wednesday morning. I am so excited, it's an understatement!

I'm coming to you with another beauty review post and I hope you all enjoy it. A couple of weeks back I wondered into Debenhams looking for the perfect brow product. Obviously, I walked straight up to the Benefit stand as we all know that they are known for their #1 brow products and I'm so pleased I decided to visit them. I was served by the lovely Adele and she looked after me very well and hooked me up with some brilliant brow products.

Adele used this product first to initially fill my brows in and oh my it really is goof proof as it's so easy to use and only a little bit of product is needed as it goes such a long way. I love using this as it's fast and you can make your brow look pretty defined and precise with just this pencil. 

Before having my consultation with Benefit, I used to use an eyebrow powder for my eyebrows religiously as I thought that it made my eyebrows look most natural and I found it the easiest to use out of the other products brands had to offer. Adele used the brow powder to further define my eyebrows by using the two different shades in the palette. It just made my eyebrows look more defined than they did before with just the Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil.

After the eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder was applied, Adele used the Gimme Brow to my eyebrows pop just a little more. Gimme Brow tints your eyebrows as well as sets your eyebrows which I love as it means I can make my eyebrows stay in the shape I want them to be in. 

Finally, to really make my eyebrows stand out (in a good way), Adele used the Boi-ing concealer under my eyebrows to define my eyebrows and make my brow bone pop out too (like a highlighter).
Honestly, I love these products and though they are pricey they last and they really do make your eyebrows look FABULOUS. What's also great about the three eyebrow products is that you can use them individually so if you're in a rush in the morning you can just slap on some Gimme Brow and your set to go! I guess the only downside to these products are the price, they are not cheap but they do last. So I guess it's up to you if you want to spend a little extra money but I really do love these products and I don't think I'll look back! 

Until Next Time,
Tabitha xx 

Holiday Haul PART 2!

What, another haul!? I know, I really have been splashing the cash recently but my excuse is that I go only holiday soon (5 days) and Matt kindly gifted me some vouchers! This time I went to Topshop, Pull & Bear and Forever 21, three of my favourite shops. I'm getting so excited now for my holiday, it really has flown by. I can't wait to be catching the rays whilst strolling down Main Street, U.S.A gazing at Cinderella's castle! The dream that I will be living very soon but for now let me share with you what I picked up.

Topshop Jersey Black & Red Boob Tubes
I've gone a little crazy when it comes to boob tubes as I just love the look of them at the moment. I picked up a classic black as that will go with pretty much anything and a red one as I 'Disney bound' as Winnie the Pooh one day when I'm at Magic Kingdom. Silly old Tabitha however, picked up a size 14 in the black boob tube so I'm going to have to try and swap that next week before I go away! 

Topshop Leopard Boob Tube 
Again, I have gone crazy! But I have also been wanting something leopard print for a while now so when I saw this I thought I'd pick it up as it will look cute with jean shorts or a skirt! I can't wait to wear this at Animal Kingdom! 

Topshop High Wasted Mom Jean Shorts 
I first saw Jade Billington wear these in her Disney World vlogs and I thought they were really flattering so when I saw these in Top Shop I thought I'd try them on. They do come up quite big so if you are looking to get these I would size down but other than that I LOVE these. They are just real cute and they make your waste look skinny too! 

Topshop White Polka Dot Mini Skirt 
I feel like this skirt is a little out there and different but I really loved the look of it when I saw it. It's also quite neutral in colour so won't clash with much (unless you wear something equally as busy on top) so I decided to get it! I also think it's fitting for Disney as it reminds me of Minnie! 

Topshop Sunglasses 
I've been needing some new sunglasses for a while now so as I had a Topshop voucher I picked a pair up! I feel that the cat eye shape sunglasses suit me most and these one's a little different to your classic cat eye sunglasses!

Pull & Bear Pink Nude Shorts 
Normally, I will go in Pull & Bear and want to buy everything but this time nothing stuck out to me unfortunately, however I did see these and when I felt them, OH MAN they are soft. These will be perfect when I just want to throw something on light and comfortable for the day. 

Forever 21 Mickey Mouse Halter Neck Bodysuit 
Forever 21 is always great for Disney themed clothing but the only shop near me is the Oxford St. store so as I knew I was visiting Oxford St. I thought I'd pop in and when I saw this body suit I knew I had to have it instantly. It's quite basic in colour but it definitely screams DISNEY. 

Forever 21 Mickey Mouse Halter Neck Crop 
Another cute top I found in Forever 21 was this little gem. I love that it's real simple but still has a splash of Disney on it. You can never go wrong with a Disney top at Disney World. 

There you have my holiday haul PART 2! I really hope you enjoyed this post. I can't wait to wear these clothes when I'm in Disney. I still can't believe it's only 5 days away and in 4 days I will be heading hotel at Gatwick and that will be when our holiday finally begins! I also can't wait to vlog and write blog posts sharing with you mine and Matt's holiday! 

Until next time, 

Tabitha xx 
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