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A Mini Miss Pap Haul

I have recently been going a little crazy when it comes to online shopping, but it was payday the other week and girl needs her cute outfits for when she goes out right? I have never ordered from Miss Pap before but I loved everything I did order (other than two dresses that were far too long for me!). So I thought I would share with you what I bought, as I always find it interesting reading other peoples hauls!

Creamfields in Pictures

On August bank holiday weekend I travelled up to Warrington with one of my best friends (Lucy) from university to attend Creamfields festival. Creamfields is a house/DJ festival that is run over the course of four days and it was my very first festival I had ever attended.

Monthly Roundup #1 - August

Seeing as I haven't been 100% active this past month I thought I would produce a monthly roundup where I can fill you in on what's been going on in my life and where I have been! This passed month has definitely felt like the longest month of the year so far, I couldn't tell you why but it just does! I honestly can't believe that my summer holidays is almost over, it feels like I left university AGES ago and I'm definitely raring to go back at the end of this month! I really do miss it and everyone there too!