How I De-stress at University

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Recently I have been really struggling with the stress of university. I think second year has really taken a toll on me and I'm just finding it difficult to keep up with everything, causing me to feel low most of the time. Though I'm struggling, there are a few things I have been doing that have been helping me bounce up again in how I'm feeling. I thought it would be nice to share with you how I de-stress at university and maybe it will help you de-stress too, whether that's at university or at home. 

Having a Shower - Now I know that normally if you want to relax and de-stress you would normally head straight into the bath however I don't have a bath at university, so I turn to having a shower instead. I find having a shower really does help, it helps me reflect on how I'm feeling. I also love having a shower in the evening as it makes me feel all cosy when I come out. I'm currently using Zoella's Snowella shower gel and it smells so yummy and leaves your skin feeling super soft but when I finish with that I'm going to treat myself with a LUSH shower gel as I find if you lavish in a yummy shower gel it makes your shower that little bit more special and enjoyable. After I have jumped out the shower I will also moisturise which I enjoy doing, especially before bed again making me feel all cosy. 

Painting my nails - This probably doesn't come to a shock for some of you but painting my nails is something I try and do regularly, normally whenever my current nail varnish starts to chip. I love painting my nails whether it's just a simple paint or I add a gem stone or two. As this is something I really enjoy it naturally de-stresses me instantly and puts me in such a relaxed mood. 

Applying a face mask - Face masks are also a great way to get you feeling relaxed and happy. When I put a face mask on I always get excited, the thought of knowing I'm doing something good to my skin just puts me in the best mood. I try and do this once or twice a week depending how busy I am that week as not only does it benefit my skin but it benefits my mood too. 

Going to the gym/Going to volleyball practice - Any type of sport or exercise naturally de-stresses you as it helps release endorphin's (happy hormones!). I've recently been making more of an effort to go to weekly volleyball practice as well as visiting the gym when I can and I feel so much better for it. I'm not the most healthiest of girls but I'm trying to be as healthy as I can! Volley practice definitely helps me de-stress as not am I playing a sport that I love but I'm surrounded by people that I love to. 
Reading a book - Before 2018, between September and December my reading went down hill, I just didn't make time for it. This is something I have changed this year and because I'm making more of an effort I find that I'm not stressing as much due to being able to escape the real world whilst visiting another world through a book. Reading has always been a mechanism of mine to help me de-stress and relax and it always will be my go-to. 

Watching a film/TV series I love - Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood to read due to how tired my brain is from all the university work I have been doing. If this is the case I will put on a film or TV series I love or loving at the time and just let myself turn into a potato. I will normally paint my nails during this time too, combing two activities that help me de-stress at the same time! 

Talking to Matt - Finally, I talk to Matt. This is something that helps me so much. It may seem simple and to be honest it is but talking to Matt really helps brighten my mood and he's ace at making me feel less stressed. I think because Matt and I have been through so much. grown so much together too that we are in a position in our relationship that we just know how to help one another. He knows what to say and he's great at just listening to me. It's even better when he's visiting me in Chester because then I can give him a great big cuddle which instantly relaxes me. I know that's cringe but hey, everyone loves a little bit of cringe in their lives I don't care what you say!! 

All of these factors really do help me feel less stressed and more relaxed and HAPPY! If you are having a crap day or university/work is stressing you out then definitely try some of these things out as they really do help. 

Aloha, Tabitha x 

Barry M Under The Sea Collection

What's On My Nails #4
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Whether you're spending it with a loved one or taking the day celebrate you, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today, Matt and I spending the day with one another. We haven't been able to spend Valentines day together for the last 2 years and even though we don't necessarily celebrate Valentines day, we are still thrilled we get to spend it together. Matt has called the day 'Mabitha Appreciation Day'. 

I bring to you a 'What's on My Nails' post and today I'm going to be discussing my thoughts on Barry M's latest nail varnish collection. I try to keep up with Barry M's new releases as much as possible and so when I noticed that they released the 'Under The Sea' collection on the 31st January I just knew I had to get my hands on them. For starters they are inspired by mermaids and the gorgeous wildlife under the sea (hence the collection name) and secondly, they really are beautiful. All of the shades have pretty oil slick styled shades, emphasising different colours, making them look real pretty and cute! 
From Left to Right: Angelfish, Pinktail
A gorgeous pale cream colour. I love this shade for a subtle neutral look. Not only is it a great neutral shade but it's also a little different by having a two-tone effect. Showing subtle shades of pink and a  beautiful shimmer when the light hits your nails. It really is such a pretty colour.

As you can guess by the name of this nail varnish, it is a pretty perky pink with a two-tone shade of yellow/gold. Providing a lovely shimmer to it also. I love this shade because I just love how cute the pink colour looks on your nails. It's not too loud of a pink but it's still recognisable.
From Left to Right: Jellyfish, Butterflyfish
Purple with a beautiful subtle green shimmer as the second tone to this two-tone effect nail varnish. Again this shades just gorgeous on your nails, providing you with a pretty pastel purple with a gorgeous shimmer to it.

This two-tone nail varnish is blue with the subtle hits of purple/silver coming through. I love blue nail varnishes but sometimes find them quite hard to wear however due to this one being so subtle it's perfect and gorgeous too.
From Left to Right: Angelfish, Pinktail, Jellyfish, Butterflyfish
All of the shades in Barry M's new collection really are stunning and I guess the only down side to them is that they are quite opaque so you need to add at least 2-3 coats on your nail of you don't want your actually nail to show through. You could also use a white nail varnish as a base coat and then add 1-2 coats of these nail polishes and that really works well as the white emphasises the shimmers in the polishes. 

Overall, I love these nail varnishes as they provide such a subtle yet pretty cute look! I will definitely be wearing these a lot and I can't wait to experiment with designs with them too. 

Have you got any of these nail varnishes? Or are you wanting to get your hands on them? Let me know in the comments below. 

Aloha, Tabitha xx 

Current Wishlist #2

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I am ALWAYS wishing to buy something. I find it so difficult to not buy myself nice things but as I', in desperate need of saving I've had to lock away my bank card in the hopes of not buying unnecessary items. So far, it's going well. Everything I'm mentioning on today's wishlist are things I'm slowly saving up for (except for one item) as I am currently a very... VERY broke student. They're also items that I don't really need at the moment as well as items I'd like to treat myself to before I go away in June (read my holiday announcement here). 
1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (£43.00) - As you all probably know from my last few posts I am obsessed with eye shadow palettes. I'm constantly picking them up when I visit the local drug store that it has become quite a bad habit. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette however is something I am in need of. It's utterly gorgeous and I don't care how late I am to this party but I am dying to get my hands on this palette. My plan is to save up for it (because let's be honest, it's not the cheapest palette in the world) and buy it especially for my Disney holiday in June. Honestly, I think that's a genius idea if I do say so myself. 

2. Selfie Ring Light (£6.29) - In my last post (read here) I stated that I'm in the process of buying a selfie light as all I want to do is share my makeup and eye shadow looks with you all. To be honest, I would love to be able to afford an actual set up (camera stand, ring light/soft boxes) but let's be frank, I am poor and I have no space for it either at university or at home currently, so a selfie ring light will just do I think! I'm hoping that this will just allow me to take nice close up photos of my eye shadow looks for the time being, until I can afford a proper set up. 

3. Rimmel London Urban Affair Nail Varnishes (£5.98) - Recently on instagram, so many wonderful bloggers have been gifted the new Urban Affair collection from Rimmel London. In the set, there are three new matte lipsticks (which I LOVE the look of) and four new nail varnishes. Another passion of mine is painting my nails as many of you know and I am slowly getting more adventurous with my designs and patterns! When I saw these shades I was instantly drawn to them as the shades are totally up my street. Nudes, pinks and dark's - YAS GURL! It's taken all my will power to not order all of the shades online right now but oh man I am tempted. However, I am still making my way through my Essie collection so I feel bad if I go and buy more varnishes... I am tempted though, maybe one?

4. Instax Mini 90 New Classic Camera (£119.00) - Since getting into the whole scrap booking community (which I have been loving by the way) I think it would be a great idea to get myself an instant camera. I love the way instant photos look in a scrapbook and I just think it would bring another personal element to my scrap booking journey. This is something I will definitely be getting myself for mine and Matt's Disney holiday as I can just imagine the photos are going to be so special and stunning. I can't wait to capture Cinderella's castle in an instant picture. 

5. AKASO EK7000 4K Sport Action Camera (£69.99) - I'm having a real dilemma when it comes to the vlogging situation. I would love to get involved and vlog properly but if I'm being real honest, I just don't think I', confident enough. I am however confident enough to produce 'montage' vlogs; I've created some in the past and loved it. So instead of splurging out on a brand new vlogging camera I think I may treat myself to a new high quality sports camera instead as my GoPro has seen better days. This is something I may purchase soon as I'm off to Spain in March and I think it would be great getting some footage whilst I'm out there exploring.  

Are any of these items on your wishlist at the moment? Have you got any of these items that you love? I would love to know. 

Aloha, Tabitha x 
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